Thursday, October 9, 2014

Groceries Delivered to Your Home...Why Wouldn't You?

More than a  decade ago, my sister in law was telling me about her friend who was getting her groceries delivered to the house. She went online, picked out her products, picked a delivery time, and PRESTO.......groceries delivered. SIGN ME UP!!

Having young children at the time,as well, I was calculating all of the time I could save not having to spend countless hours in the grocery store doing that big weekly shopping run. It aggravated me to the core.  Put the groceries in the cart.  Take the groceries out and put them on the belt for checkout. Put the groceries in bags and put them back in the cart. Take the groceries out of the cart and load them in the car. Take the groceries out of the car and bring them in the house. Take the groceries out of the bags and put them away.  Oh the monotony of it all, and I haven't even mentioned doing all of that with kids in tow, which ups the aggregation level exponentially.

So, I signed myself up for PEAPOD at, Stop and Shop's grocery delivery service.  I created an account, entered my savings card number, picked a delivery time, and started shopping. It couldn't have been easier.  The first time I picked out the items I wanted, it took a little time, as I was mentally walking down the grocery aisle trying to remember the usual items I would place in my cart. However it didn't take nearly as much time as going to the grocery store.  Not even close.

Once your list is created, it is saved forever on one big jumbo list that you can refer to and add new things. If you order frequently enough, you will have the option to "Guess My Order," which fills your cart with the high frequency items you generally order.  All of which you can delete if you don't need those items that week.

On delivery day, the Peapod truck pulls up, and they bring the groceries into your house. Yes, they bring them into your house! They will bring them right into you kitchen for you if you want, but we just have them leave them in foyer.  It takes them less than five minutes to bring in all of your bags, and all I have to do is put them away. What a time saver!

You many be thinking that having your groceries delivered won't allow you to pick out your own fruit or meats, that they won't have the items you are looking for, or that the delivery charge will be too high. It is true that you are relinquishing control of a large part of the grocery shopping process, but I have never had an issue with my fruit being bruised, my meats being anything but the same quality I would have chosen for myself, and the delivery charge is a standard $6.95.  Plus, they honor all of the same coupons and weekly specials that you find in the store. Overall, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks.

There are the naysayers though, and to them I ask WHY?  People I work with, people who have young children and babies, acquaintances, and even friends,  all who have heard me rave about grocery delivery, yet still they choose to not maximize their free time.   Some have said that going to the grocery story gives them a little free time away from the kids, but wouldn't you rather use that two and a half hours of kid-free time shopping for a new pair of shoes, having lunch with a friend, or working on a hobby?

When I first started Peapoding, yes I just used it as a verb, I told everyone I knew about this newfound luxury that had increased my free time. Neighbors saw the Peapod truck pull up to my house, and slowly we saw more and more neighbors welcoming the Peapod truck to their houses. I even have the app downloaded on my phone so I can add an item at any time, or switch a delivery date due to a conflict.

Truth be told, I do actually set foot in grocery stores once in a while, because sometimes I need a few things or I am planning a special meal at the last minute. Gone are the days, though, of the over flowing shopping cart and the monotonous placement of items in and out of said cart.

When my daughter moved into college last year, I joked that I would send Peapod to her dorm! I actually wasn't joking, because I totally would!

Grocery delivery to college! Now that's service. 

With the hectic lives we lead, why wouldn't you have your groceries delivered?