Monday, November 3, 2014

Saturday Night's Understudy

For as long as I can remember, Friday nights have been reserved for winding down the work week, attending our kids' activities, ordering some take-out, and then probably collapsing on the couch to catch up on a few favorite shows.  More so than not, it was almost a given that we gave Friday the cold shoulder, convincing ourselves that we were too tired to do anything remotely fun.

This trend was not a purposeful decision, it was one that developed over time. When our children were little, we only planned a Saturday night outing, as going out both Friday and Saturday nights seemed criminal.  Then it was the kids'  activities or sports that took over the Friday night slot, and when they were teens we found ourselves hosting a lot of the Friday night "hang outs," which was not a bad deal because at least we knew where they were.

So for two decades, Friday night has been patiently waiting in the wings as Saturday night's understudy, hoping to be put in the line up.  On very rare occasions, Friday night has gotten its chance to play a leading role, but it was so rare that we ever broke from the take-out, couch and TV routine.

When dining with longtime friends on a recent Friday night, we were all in agreement that going out on Friday night made the weekend seem longer, and the pressure to plan the perfect Saturday night was no longer an issue. Now, at minimum, we make the conscious decision to grab a local dinner on Friday nights.  We have even become regulars at a local establishment, and the owners take special care of us when we come in, knowing that we are frequent patrons.

So Friday night is no longer the forgotten understudy to Saturday night.  Even if it's the two of us having dinner at our local place and a quick run through the local big box store for a hundred dollars of unnecessary items, Friday is now in the spotlight and sparkles just as brightly as Saturday night.