My name is Christine, and I was inspired to create this blog with long time friends one evening while we were dining out. We sat around the table, cocktails in hand, reminiscing about when we were younger, getting married, and starting to have kids. We recalled the many times we would joke about the day our kids, and kids we would still have,  would someday be off to college and we would once again be able to experience adventures that didn’t include nap times and a diaper bag. Well, that evening, twenty years later, we realized that we were closing in on the finish line, as our youngest children, sans one,  were all in high school and college.
So as we sat eating our dinner that night, discussing all of the things we had done that summer, and the things we were planning to do, I mentioned that we should start a blog about our experiences, and that’s how the EXPERIENCED TIMES blog idea began.
As frequent travelers, restaurant go-ers, fun time seekers and blog followers, we are always excited to see posts from the blogs we find inspirational,  so we thought it would be fun to join all of you bloggers and blog followers out there. We are excited to start this journey and share our experiences and inspire others to live in the moment, too.
Thank you for visiting the times we experience, and we hope you enjoy the ride!