Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pumpkin Flavored Everything: The Flavor Virus

Sondheim should have penned the lyrics, "Everything's coming up PUMPKINS," rather than roses, because as soon as we flip the calendar page from August to September, or swipe it, everything becomes pumpkin flavored!  So many things take on the autumnal flavor of the pumpkin, but have we gone over the top with the pumpkin flavor? Indeed, I think we have.  

Summer is officially over in two days, and we are
already inundated with pumpkin flavored everything!

There once was a time that I looked forward to the rare establishment that served pumpkin flavored ice cream during the fall. It was a treat, a gentle reminder that Thanksgiving was on the way, and that we would soon be having pumpkin pie! Finding the rare pumpkin flavored treat before our day of thanks was like sneaking a peek at your presents; you knew what you were getting, but you were still excited to get it when you unwrapped it.  

Now, by the time Thanksgiving arrives, I am pumkined-out!  After smelling it infused into coffee for three months, seeing it in every yogurt shop and bakery, not to mention on many of the restaurant dessert menus, it has taken over society like a flavor virus.  There were a few years that I wasn't even in the mood for pumpkin pie on the day you are supposed to eat pumpkin pie. 

Some may argue that the pumpkin flavor tsunami of Autumn is a joyous time of year, but so many of us just want to enjoy these delights at the flavor appropriate time.  Last year, I refused to eat or drink anything pumpkin flavored until Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed my pumpkin slices (of course I ate more than one), but noticed that I was the only one in my family eating the pumpkin pie. Everyone else had been on pumpkin overload so they reached for the other desserts. 

So, now it's my annual tradition to skip the pumpkin-flavored anything until I can experience it on Thanksgiving.  At least I won't have to fight anyone for a slice, or two, of pumpkin pie!